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Things to Bring



Packing for the Dorms

Moving into your dorm is an exciting part of college life!

For many of you, this will be your first time living away from home.

You should expect some changes, so try to be flexible and open to mixing up your familiar routine.


Packing Information

Please keep in mind while decorating your room that you cannot use nails or screws to fasten decorations to your walls. To put up posters/pictures, use adhesives that can be easily removed without peeling paint off the wall. We recommend using 3M adhesive peel strips or reusable putty. If you are living in the Quads, you are permitted to use thumb-tacks instead of peel strips (due to a difference in wall structure).
We provide trash bags for you no matter which resident accommodation you are in.
You are able to check-out vacuums, brooms/dust pans and mops to help you clean your room as needed.